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Edgar Allan Poe s The Black Cat - 1437 Words

The deaths of his parents, sister and brother, all taken by tuberculosis, lead to Edgar Allan Poe’s obsession around the subject of death. This obsession enterprises historically ingenious writings, that did not just scare the reading population by inducing a death at the climax or tying in a death to create a gasp worthy ending. Poe’s historic greatness was his ability to use death as a catalyst, not an end. His stories, specifically short stories, strengthened the idea that the end of a life, has so much more meaning, than just the end. This precision was formed by how Poe ingeniously used the knowledge to not only comprise stories involving the subject of death, but used the stories to create deep ideas of the phantom of fatality. The short stories â€Å"The Black Cat,† â€Å"The Facts in the Case of M.Valdemar,† â€Å"The Fall of the House of Usher,† and â€Å"The Tell-Tale Heart,† all feature the inventive writing skills of Poe, tha t have enthralled populations since their publications. Roderick Usher sends his childhood friend a letter, crying for company and good memories. As his friend passes the dark tarn and nears the House of Usher, all that is seen is a land of the dark and decaying. The Usher family within â€Å"The Fall of the House of Usher,† have lived in the house for generations, a house at one time filled â€Å"by good angels, (Being a) radiant palace-reared its head.† (Usher 14 )Though as time passed, and incest tainted the family, â€Å"evil things, in robes of sorrow, assailedShow MoreRelatedAn Analysis Of Edgar Allan Poe s The Black Cat 1650 Words   |  7 PagesBrittany White Mrs. Bey English 1101 1 April 2015 A Day in the Life Edgar Allan Poe is a very talked about writer. He has a dark, mysterious, gothic writing style. Poe was a troubled man that struggled in a lot of different areas in his life. It is believed that all of Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories were connected to his tragic life events. â€Å"The Black Cat† is one of Edgar’s well-known short stories. It is about a man that endured a series of tragic events. This man was very feminine and his lackRead MoreEdgar Allan Poe s The Raven And The Black Cat1225 Words   |  5 Pagesthe father of the modern horror story, Edgar Allan Poe was previously viewed as a drunken failure. Within Poe’s writings much of his own life riddled with guilt, anxiety, alcohol, depression and death shines through resulting in works that appear unrelated yet once dissected prove similar. This is true for Poe’s works â€Å"The Raven† and â€Å"The Black Cat†. Poe’s examples of gothic fiction share the use of the color black and a rapid digression of the narrator s sanity while seemingly unveiling Poe’s internalRead MoreEdgar Allan Poe s The Black Cat1771 Words   |  8 Pageshim? In â€Å"The Black Cat,† Edgar Allan Poe shows the narrator’s perverseness that takes over the character’s mind which leads him to making the wrong decisions. The main character drinks too much to the point where he cuts out one of his cat’s eye. After hanging it, another cat appears and acts like the first one which annoyed him to the point where his anger and perverseness is out of control causing him to attempt to murder his cat not only failing but killing his wife instead. Poe uses symbolismRead MoreEdgar Allan Poe s The Raven, The Black Cat And The Tell Tale Heart ``1158 Words   |  5 PagesExtension English Edgar Allan Poe Writing Task Weland La Edgar Allan Poe is a writer renowned for his incorporation of macabre themes into his variety of texts. These texts include The Raven, The Black Cat and The Tell-Tale Heart, all Gothic texts by Poe which have contributed immensely to the Gothic genre. Readers categorise them as works of Gothic literature, but what attributes found in these texts causes it to be classified as Gothic? Poe explores numerous Gothic conventionsRead MoreReview Of Edgar Allan Poe s The Black Cat And Fall Of The House Of Usher 1451 Words   |  6 Pagesauthor Edgar Allan Poe, contains common themes, symbols and structures that make his work easily recognizable as this specific type of literature. Poe’s writing often incorporates many gothic elements, and especially puts emphasis on elements leading to madness and downfall in the lives of his characters. Through the use of suspense provoking gothic elements, Poe is able to captivate and intrigue his readers, which attributes to his widespread popularity. In his short stories, â€Å"The Black Cat†, andRead MoreEdgar Allen Poe: Writing Style1259 Words   |  6 PagesEdgar Allen Poe: Writing Style The short story writer which I have chosen to research is Edgar Allen Poe. After reading one of his works in class, I realized that his mysterious style of writing greatly appealed to me. Although many critics have different views on Poe s writing style, I think that Harold Bloom summed it up best when he said, Poe has an uncanny talent for exposing our common nightmares and hysteria lurking beneath our carefully structured lives. ( 7) For me, this is doneRead MoreEdgar Allan Poe s The Tell Tale Heart1581 Words   |  7 PagesEdgar Allan Poe wrote many gothic stories with twisted themes and ideas. An example in his works is the conception of overthinking something that is not there. Many of these tales end with someone being killed due to the fascination of an unrealistic problem trying to be solved. Imagination is a main factor that drives the narrators to become worried. The obsessing narrators in Edgar Allan Poe’s â€Å"The Tell-Tale Heart†, â€Å"The Black Cat†, and â€Å"The Imp of the Perverse† demonstrate the idea that guiltRead MoreThe Cask Of Amontillado And The Black Cat Essay1643 Words   |  7 PagesThe life of Edgar Allan Poe is not a pleasing story to be told. Ever since he was a little boy, he had a tragic life that would only get worse. When he was around three years old, his father left and his mother passed away from tuberculosis. Poe was later taken in by a couple. From there on he went to school, was in the army, got married, and worked very hard to get his stories published. He and his wife traveled a lot in order to sell his stories to papers. Because nobody would see his stories theRead MoreEdgar Allan Poe : The Father Of Gothic Literature1393 Words   |  6 PagesNovember 3, 2017 Edgar Allan Poe Studies say that Edgar Allan Poe was the father of gothic literature. As an American writer and critic, he went through the struggles of living in poverty, having a drinking and gambling problem, and being judge based on his decisions. He was best known as an author of gothic fiction. He had a life of misfortune and indigence. Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19,1809 in Boston, Massachusetts to two striving actors, David Poe Jr. and Elizabeth Arnold Poe. Some studiesRead MoreLife Darker Than Night By Edgar Allan Poe961 Words   |  4 Pagesof short stories, Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston on January 19, 1809. According to Charles E. May, a literary scholar, who specializes in the study of the short story, â€Å"Poe is very important in the history of American culture †¦ , he developed short fictions as a genre that was to have a major impact on American literature†¦ in nineteenth century† (May 5). Despite the huge amount short stories written and sold, Poe unsuccessfully tried to fix his financial situation. Poe s life experiences, including

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