Monday, February 10, 2020

Liability for nurses Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Liability for nurses - Essay Example of performing a task and does not necessarily have to include accountability or liability in it; in addition, responsibility can be delegated while accountability and liability cannot be delegated (Cornock, 2011) Advancement of technology in the provision of health care to the patient is very vital in obtaining a quick and optimum treatment. However, the equipments if not used properly by nurses can lead to litigation issues in court. Some equipment usually stores the patient’s data and information, which should be confidential and private (Kim, Kim, & Lee, 2010). If a nurse forgets to store those data or information correctly can make other people access them and make them go public. This will result in a breach of patient privacy thus making the nurse liable for his/her action. According to Guido (2013), nurses need to be very vigilant while executing their duties to a void breach of ethical issues related to patient care. Advanced specialised care can make a nurse become liable for some of the action she/he takes the care. For example, when a nurse offers care that are beyond his/her scope as well as using equipments that he/she is not well oriented with can lead with, can lead to maim or permanent death. The nurse will be accountable for the action and risk being jailed. To promote quality health care amidst technological advances, a nurse should always be a Brest with the latest technology in use. The nurse should know its merits and demerits as well as attending a seminar to be taught on how to use the machine without infringing the patient’s rights. The nurse should read all the instructions and cautions before using a machine. In addition, nurses should work within their scope of work on what he/she was trained at, and document all the actions done while offering the service (Weinstein, 2009). If these are adhered to then nurses will utilise technology and avert litigations (Guido,

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